General Business Litigation

Corporate clients have also tapped into the Office’s extensive trial experience to gain an “advocacy edge” in their business litigation. Those truly knowledgeable about litigation realize that true trial experience is becoming a lost art.

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin reported on this problem as far back as April 2004 in its article, “Trial Lawyer Ranks Graying, Thinning,” Law Day Edition (April 24, 2004). They noted that some observers of trial practice consulted have contended that:

“Two studies conducted for the American Bar Association provide evidence that lawyers are less likely now than in the past to be honing their trial skills in a courtroom”

“There are a lot of people who call themselves trial lawyers who haven’t had a verdict in a long time”

“Some contend that settlements lead to more settlements, as lawyers who have seen little courtroom action develop a fear of going to trial and negotiate settlements that may not always be in the client’s best interest”

At Faulkner Spears & Chudoba LLC, our clients know that they have true trial attorneys in their corner. Our attorneys have represented clients such as Remax, Pharmacia Upjohn, General Motors Corporation, Dow Chemical Company, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Navistar, Adkins Energy LLC and others.