On September 12, 2022 a Rockford, Illinois jury returned a verdict in favor of a minor Plaintiff for alleged birth injuries. Plaintiff Alexis Purifoy underwent an emergency c-section procedure at Rockford Memorial Hospital on March 4, 2015. During the performance of the procedure, the premature neonate sustained an alleged laceration to her abdomen and chest with complete bowel and liver evisceration and subcapsular hematoma over both lobes of the liver. Repair surgery was performed shortly after the birth. The infant remained in the NICU for 24 days and was in critical care for several days. The medical bills for the NICU hospitalization, physician treatment during that hospitalization, and post-operative care totaled over $221,000.00. Prior to suit Plaintiff demanded $1.5 Million dollars. The jury returned a verdict of $75,000.00. The low verdict amount was considered a defense victory.