Our Trial Record

Simply stated, we are trial attorneys. In our last 37 trials defending our clients, this Office has a trial record of 35 not guilty verdicts, 2 guilty verdicts (in 1 liability was admitted), and 1 mistrial (an 11-1 hung jury in our client’s favor). We’ve achieved these results by fully preparing our cases for trial.

Our trial results and trial reputation also aid our clients in their efforts to reasonably resolve matters prior to trial. We believe in the philosophy that the best way to avoid war is to be fully prepared to wage it. While settlement admittedly is a fact of life in litigation, our Firm believes the best way to achieve favorable resolution of a case is our opponents’ continued awareness that this Firm has the experience, preparation, and resolve to try a case to jury verdict if necessary. Even when a case is not tried, our clients benefit from this philosophy through favorable settlements and/or closure of matters without payment. One client’s review of a decade of our Office’s performance revealed that 28 of their 50 suits were resolved without payment.